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Generate Passive Income Through Semi-Absentee Franchise Ownership

The key to building wealth is having multiple streams of revenue. Investors have long thought of franchise ownership as a predictable and recession-resistant investment, offering high-yield returns. The franchise model also offers a safe, low-volatility investment compared to higher-risk ventures.

Despite these benefits, traditional franchising often requires owners to be on-premises and heavily involved in running the day-to-day operations to oversee the growth of their business. The time required is often an issue for investors who simply do not have time to spare. But what if you could do both? The secret is choosing the right franchise.

Types of Franchise Models

There are three different types of models for franchise ownership: owner/operator, semi-absentee and absentee owner. Owner/operators is the most common type of franchise ownership, with individuals involved in all aspects of the business. With all your time focused on operations, there is no room to diversify with additional investments or keep a full-time job.

Semi-absentee opportunities are designed to be manager-run. Although owners spend 5-20 hours a week checking in on operations and meetings, they still have ample time to pursue other opportunities in the workforce.

The most hands-off franchise ownership opportunity is absentee management. Similar to investing in the stock market, these owners simply finance the endeavor while a general manager oversees the entire operation. The only drawback is there are very few franchise opportunities that offer semi-absentee or absentee models.

Launch into Franchising

With semi-absentee and absentee opportunities available, Launch Entertainment is leveling up our franchise development strategy for nationwide expansion.

As the leading full-service family entertainment concept, we’re soaring above the competition with a diversified attraction mix, immersive dining experience and expanding customer demographic profiles to maximize profitability. Our scalable, multi-channel revenue entertainment space entices customers with an “Awesome” experience to help drive repeat visits and amplify returns for franchisees.

Unlike other concepts, Launch can be run semi-absentee or 100% absentee, with the right management team in place. Most franchise owners will hire a general manager to oversee the day-to-day operations. Launch corporate provides several key services to allow your management team to focus on the operations of the park:

This opportunity pairs well with a variety of investors, especially those in the childhood education, hotel operation or real estate space who are looking to diversify their portfolio with a multi-revenue stream business model without fully running the operations.

Ready to Launch your portfolio? Learn more about franchising opportunities with Launch Entertainment.