Families are looking for ways for their children to be healthy and active, now more than ever. In today’s digital world, it’s so easy for kids to log hours of passive screen time instead of getting active. It’s one of the big reasons opening a trampoline park makes good business sense.

The demand would be justifiable from a business perspective for the fun factor alone — what community isn’t improved by more family activity options? But there are many proven cardiovascular benefits that come with playing inside a trampoline park as well, for both kids and adults alike, including lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and a lower risk of future heart problems. According to studies — in particular, those conducted by a team of researchers at NASA — 10 minutes of the jumping and rebounding motions that one experiences on a trampoline can be a more effective cardiovascular workout than 30 minutes of jogging.

Furthermore, activities found in a trampoline park have been noted as being able to improve one’s balance, build strength, improve immune system functionality — and even help give a boost to one’s mental health through natural endorphins that the body releases when in a state of active play.

Given the benefits for people of all ages, it’s no wonder that opening a trampoline park is an increasingly appealing business opportunity. As long as people continue to look for fun ways to stay active, the demand will be there. The global market for trampolines, in general, was $3 billion in 2020, with the expectation of hitting $3.9 billion in 2026 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.6%. The growth of trampoline parks is following a similar trajectory.

The first trampoline park opened in the U.S. in 2004, but currently, there are approximately 600 parks located throughout the country — with plenty of areas into which to expand. According to the website How to Start an LLC, on average, trampoline parks can see a profit in the mid-six figures.

More than trampolines

It is important to note that although family entertainment action parks have been called trampoline parks for years, they oftentimes — as is the case with Launch Entertainment — are way more than just a trampoline park, with creative and fun platforms that will appeal to every member of the family.

For example, at Launch locations throughout the country, you will find the following:

Furthermore, when it comes to using trampolines at Launch, there are many different ways to use the equipment besides just standard jumping. Visitors can also play basketball, dodgeball and knockout while using the equipment.

These centers offer a variety of family-friendly activities because the customers who traditionally fit the buyer persona of trampoline parks are families with children.

According to the industry publication Blooloop.com, the average age of a jumper at a trampoline park is 9 years old. The largest age range of jumpers is between 6-10 (35% of all jumpers), followed by 11-15 (26%).

Parks do not just appeal to people under the age of 15, Blooloop reports that the 21-40 demographic accounts for 15% of patrons. There are plenty of activities that appeal to grown-ups such as corporate team-building events which provide another source of revenue and help to drive trial for new customers.

Getting started

For those interested in opening a trampoline park, here are a few things to take into consideration when forming your very own trampoline park business plan.

  1. Visualize the space: According to the International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP), a park needs a minimum of 18,000 square feet with ceilings that are at least 18 feet high, but Launch Entertainment Parks start at 35,000 square feet in order to fit all the attractions.
  2. Look to refurbish: When thinking of trampoline park startup costs keep in mind that business owners can save significant amounts of money by looking for a site that has a large amount of space already built-in. For example, Launch Entertainment revamped one building that once housed a Toys” R”Us and acquired another that used to be a Sky Zone.
  3. Know the market: Create a list of possible direct and indirect (bowling centers, arcades,, etc.) competitors in the family entertainment action space that could pose a challenge to the initial success of your business. Know where they are in relation to where you’re considering opening a trampoline park.
  4. Think about your name/brand: There are several prominent franchise companies that offer a one-stop-shop for everything you need to start a trampoline park. When envisioning your own park, family entertainment centers like Launch provide what you need so you don’t have to stress. They have their own logo, colors, social media platforms and ways to successfully market and grow your brand. Don’t just settle for trampolines. Customers are looking for variety and a robust park with several attractions will help you broaden your reach like Launch Entertainment.
  5. Get multiple bids: Reach out to contractors that specifically have experience in building trampoline parks. Ask them to bid on the project, which will reveal not only the cost of the project but also the designs that the contractor envisioned while making the bid. When gathering this information, you always want to keep in mind the total trampoline park cost.
  6. Consider the costs: According to the 2021 Launch FDD startup costs for a Launch Entertainment Park can range from $1.8 million to $4.4 million dollars depending on several factors. These factors can include the number of attractions, size and condition of building, labor costs and any tenant improvement dollars provided by the landlord.
  7. Research funding operations: Create a plan that maps out all funding sources. This is usually a combination of loans, investors, and self-funding. A good place to start is the S. Small Business Association website. Also, some family entertainment concepts, such as Launch, offer financing options through third-party vendors.

Take the next step with Launch

Now that you have done some initial reflection and research, it’s time to consider whether you want to build a brand from scratch or own a franchise of a previously established brand with a service-based, high-margin business model, such as Launch Entertainment.

By joining the Launch team and opening your own trampoline park franchise, you’ll have instant widespread brand awareness — as well as access to our support and training teams to help you through the entire process of establishing a trampoline park in your city or town, from site selection and construction all the way to your grand opening and beyond.

Our support also includes a series of marketing programs that have been proven to drive revenue, as well as controls for managing staff that will allow you to optimize your business opportunity. Plus, we will provide you with all of the resources you need for your park to take part in our national STERILE cleanliness certification program, which ensures the highest sanitation standards are met.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your dreams of owning your trampoline park get off the ground!