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A Family Entertainment Center (FEC) is similar to an indoor amusement park. With games and attractions, it’s a safe, clean, and fun space for children, teens, and adults alike.

FECs are a great investment in a profitable and rewarding industry, no matter your experience level. From the aspiring entrepreneur to the experienced and savvy businessperson, FECs are something that everyone can relate to and they are predicted to continue trending upward in popularity.

In this article, we’ll lay out all the ins and outs of an FEC with complete transparency so you can make the best decision for your future.

What is considered a family entertainment center?

An FEC can come in a variety of forms. It’s often entirely indoors with theme park qualities. Indoor centers can range from 15,000-20,000 square feet, but some facilities have much larger spaces For example, Launch Entertainment boasts upwards of 50,000 square feet.

Bowling alleys integrated with arcades, restaurants, and music are popular. Laser tag, skating rinks, playgrounds, and zip lines are all under the umbrella of entertainment centers. FECs also host private celebrations like birthday parties and corporate events. With smartphones and computers solidifying their presence in everyday life, the need for in-person quality time is more prevalent than ever. FECs are a fun way to profit, while giving families in your community a path to create long-lasting memories.

What can I learn about this industry? (Activities, games, customer base, history, etc.)

The entertainment industry is growing every year. The facilities gained popularity in the early 1970s as arcades and mini-golf centers spread across the nation. It’s good to know that the global FEC market is projected to expand by a CAGR of 10.2% from now through 2026 and reach around $50 billion by the end of that year, doubling the $24.35 billion size of the market in 2021, according to Market Data Forecast and Emergent Research.

Breaking it down further, the admission fees and ticket sales dominate the overall family/indoor entertainment centers market and that’s expected to continue. Whether it’s a church or family outing, a date night, or a corporate event where employees can let out their inner kid, family entertainment centers have activities for all ages to enjoy.

Why is the industry attractive for business-minded people?

For someone with a business mind, family entertainment centers are prime real estate. They’re attainable and appeal to all demographics, making growth and potential success more realistic. This industry serves communities of all ages in small and large cities, meaning many locations are viable options for an establishment like this.

By targeting highly populated areas like malls, FECs are thriving, and projected to only grow. According to a report from World Today News, the market is forecast to increase at a considerable rate through 2025 and beyond.

What is most desirable about this industry is its constant evolution. This is reflected in what’s added to the entertainment centers, and how it continues to impress people of all ages with hours of entertainment offered at their fingertips.

Is it better to franchise or start my own FEC?

Starting an FEC business on your own can be intimidating. You won’t have access to the group buying power, the proven business model, or the support and guidance you can expect with a family entertainment franchise.

Joining a franchise is a better move than forging your own path, especially for a family entertainment center. When you invest in a franchise, you’re buying the right to use the company’s name and likeness, and you have support with lease negotiations, purchasing equipment, and marketing. You also are buying into a brand that has the public’s support and trust. An FEC is typically very active with activities like go-karts, zip lines, and trampolines – all of which could be dangerous if not done correctly. When you invest in a franchise like Launch, customers already know they will have a safe and fun experience.

What equipment is needed?

For every FEC, it’s important to have quality equipment so you can ensure safety in your facility. To do so, you need to invest in a company that makes it a priority to explain its equipment protocols and adheres to all the safety requirements.

For example, at Launch, one of your needs for equipment would be trampolines. To make sure the Launch experience is safe for everyone, we insist on quality equipment. To ensure that quality, we use in-house manufacturing to provide cost-efficient, sturdy equipment for people to enjoy. Many investors will stand behind outsourcing, claiming it’s the cheaper option. However, outsourcing may not be cheaper in the long term if the equipment has to be replaced or repaired more often. With our in-house manufacturing, we’re able to keep track of every step of the manufacturing process so we have a complete picture of where we’re allocating funds.

What’s the difference between an FEC and a single-activity center like a bowling alley?

The differences between a single-activity center like a bowling alley and an FEC franchise like Launch are huge, but the biggest one is things to do. When people go bowling, they might bowl a few games before going to a movie or heading out to eat. At Launch, the fun is an all-day affair. Customers can start on the trampolines and then take a laser-tag break before dominating in virtual reality. After all that fun, hungry players can visit Krave to fuel up while they bowl some frames. Launch has activities for all ages, and it’s built for all-day fun.

What games and activities does Launch Entertainment provide?

Many communities have a plethora of family entertainment centers. Bowling alleys, skating rinks, mini-golf, and pool parks all serve the ultimate purpose, which is to have fun! One of the best FEC franchises is Launch Entertainment. With wall-to-wall trampolines, a rock wall, battle pit, and so much more, Launch is the place for all-day fun with friends, family, a group, or even coworkers! Family entertainment centers have activities from toddlers to adults – all ages can enjoy.

Trampoline Courts: Our massive trampoline surfaces let customers launch themselves to new heights. They can slam dunk on the basketball court or flip into the Launch Pad.

Dodgeball: We take dodgeball to the next level with our trampoline dodgeball court.

Cliffhanger: Our cliffhanger Mountain rock climbing wall lets customers challenge themselves in a safe environment.

Battle Pit: Our multi-attraction battle pit is a place where friends can challenge each other to a jousting battle or BOSU balls to see who will be the last one standing.

In addition, when you need to refuel, customers can enjoy our full-service Krave restaurant. Whether it’s handmade pizza or fresh salad, all of our food is made-to-order with fresh ingredients.

Consider franchising with Launch Entertainment

Striving to give more each day to the people in the communities we serve, Launch offers an exciting experience for any occasion. It has all the ingredients for a successful business with ongoing support and guidance to help steer you on the path toward success.

If you’re ready to take the next step in owning your own family entertainment center, fill out this form and one of our franchise development representatives will be in touch.