Father and daughter playing

When researching a kid’s gym franchise, it’s possible several names come to mind. While often identified as a family entertainment center or trampoline park, Launch Entertainment is still very much a kid’s gym franchise. With ample opportunity for active play and promoting exercise among youth, Launch has cemented itself as a clear industry leader and standout investment. 

A franchise that encourages active play, exercise  

When thinking of active play, many people think of Launch Entertainment. With tons of amenities for all ages, we have completely revolutionized the trampoline park industry. Our family entertainment center franchise started as a trampoline park, but today is nothing short of an indoor amusement park. 

One of the ways we differentiate ourselves in the market is through our all-inclusive customer base. It’s true we’re a great option for engaging kids in physical play, and we’re constantly evolving to add more family entertainment activities. But we also happen to be a destination of choice for fun-loving people of all ages. We’re a family entertainment center that caters to more than just families.

The perfect alternative to a kid’s gym

The founders of Launch Entertainment always had a vision to create an experience that appeals to all ages. It’s fun for family nights, date nights, work events, and college outings. This means we cast a net for a broader customer base, which can potentially mean a more diverse revenue stream for greater profitability. Compared to a kid’s gym that requires a more structured environment geared toward younger children in a limited age bracket, Launch Entertainment may be able to maintain more long-term, repeat customers.  

To participate in the pre-scheduled programs of some kid’s gyms, children must be enrolled by a parent or guardian. With Launch, customers come at their convenience for a fun time, although they can book ahead for parties and special events. 

Launch is constantly adding new attractions that appeal to everyone who walks in our doors. Trampoline courts, dodgeball, and rock climbing are just a few examples. Our activities allow kids and adults alike to play in a big way. 

When it comes to making sure kids get enough activity, Launch is perfect. You don’t need specialized knowledge as a franchise owner to make sure you’re providing the right kind of enrichment and physical development training for the 4-12 crowd; you just need to know how to spread the word in your community and make your business the go-to spot for fun. 

Entertainment through exercise

Launch is designed to get people pumped up and excited to move. From the obstacle course and laser tag to the Launch Pad and tumble tracks, Launch has much more to offer than a kid’s gym franchise. Many times, parents want an outlet for their children that requires them to simply enter a building and have fun until the kids are worn out, no extra fuss. Launch Entertainment provides that, too. Parents can enjoy themselves in our on-site restaurant or join in the fun with their kids.

Consider Franchising with Launch

Launch Entertainment has perfected the formula for a successful business, with ongoing support and guidance to steer you on the path toward success. Launch has been open for business since 2012, and started franchising just a year later. 

When you work with the Launch team, you’ll be able to count on a widespread network of support from other franchisees and the corporate office. We offer ample pre-opening training as well as ongoing support throughout the life of your franchise.  

To learn more about the benefits of owning a Launch Entertainment franchise, please fill out this contact form and one of our franchise development representatives will be in touch.