Key Findings from the Latest Family Entertainment Report

The family entertainment industry is experiencing remarkable growth, offering unique opportunities for prospective franchisees. Valued at $30.9 billion in 2022, the market is projected to reach $88.7 billion by 2032, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.5% from 2023 to 2032.

This upward trend presents a lucrative opportunity to invest in a flourishing sector. The latest family entertainment report reveals crucial insights to help franchisees navigate this dynamic market effectively.

Our Competitive Advantage

Launch Entertainment distinguishes itself in the rapidly growing family entertainment industry through several key differentiators. As an SBA-approved franchise, we offer accessible financing options, making it easier for entrepreneurs from various investment backgrounds to enter the industry. Our data-driven approach ensures that decisions are supported by solid insights, optimizing both operations and marketing strategies. Moreover, Launch’s active brand development fund consistently strengthens brand presence, and our extensive management team provides robust support.

Franchising with Launch Entertainment grants access to prime U.S. markets for development. Our innovative model and diverse array of unique attractions help franchisees stand out in the competitive landscape.

Comprehensive Training

We ensure our franchisees are well-prepared from the outset. Our comprehensive training program spans several months, covering both pre-opening and post-opening phases. This prepares franchisees to handle any challenges that may arise, ensuring confidence as they open their doors and grow their business.

Robust Support System

Each Launch Entertainment franchisee benefits from extensive corporate support. Our proven marketing strategies— ranging from location-specific paid advertising to content organization, and promotions— are designed to be user-friendly, allowing franchisees to focus on providing unparalleled experiences for their customers.

Launch Entertainment provides comprehensive operational support to ensure franchisees run their businesses efficiently. This includes assistance with day-to-day operations, and implementation of best practices. Our dedicated operations team is available to offer guidance and support, helping franchisees address any operational challenges that may arise.

Franchisees also receive site selection assistance from our in-house real estate team, ensuring strategical location choices for maximum visibility and traffic. Additionally, Launch Entertainment locations are customizable, enabling franchisees to tailor attractions to suit their target customer base.

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