Key Findings from the Latest Family Entertainment Report

The family entertainment industry is experiencing remarkable growth, offering unique opportunities for prospective franchisees. Valued at $30.9 billion in 2022, the market is projected to reach $88.7 billion by 2032, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.5% from 2023 to 2032.

This upward trend presents a lucrative opportunity to invest in a flourishing sector. The latest family entertainment report reveals crucial insights to help franchisees navigate this dynamic market effectively.

Our Competitive Advantage

Launch Entertainment distinguishes itself in the rapidly growing family entertainment industry through several key differentiators. As an SBA-approved franchise, we offer accessible financing options, making it easier for entrepreneurs from various investment backgrounds to enter the industry. Our data-driven approach ensures that decisions are supported by solid insights, optimizing both operations and marketing strategies. Moreover, Launch’s active brand development fund consistently strengthens brand presence, and our extensive management team provides robust support.

Franchising with Launch Entertainment grants access to prime U.S. markets for development. Our innovative model and diverse array of unique attractions help franchisees stand out in the competitive landscape.

Comprehensive Training

We ensure our franchisees are well-prepared from the outset. Our comprehensive training program spans several months, covering both pre-opening and post-opening phases. This prepares franchisees to handle any challenges that may arise, ensuring confidence as they open their doors and grow their business.

Robust Support System

Each Launch Entertainment franchisee benefits from extensive corporate support. Our proven marketing strategies— ranging from location-specific paid advertising to content organization, and promotions— are designed to be user-friendly, allowing franchisees to focus on providing unparalleled experiences for their customers.

Launch Entertainment provides comprehensive operational support to ensure franchisees run their businesses efficiently. This includes assistance with day-to-day operations, and implementation of best practices. Our dedicated operations team is available to offer guidance and support, helping franchisees address any operational challenges that may arise.

Franchisees also receive site selection assistance from our in-house real estate team, ensuring strategical location choices for maximum visibility and traffic. Additionally, Launch Entertainment locations are customizable, enabling franchisees to tailor attractions to suit their target customer base.

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How To: Standing Out in the Family Entertainment Franchise Industry

In the rapidly growing family entertainment industry, it’s key to stand out from competitors. With the right approach and strategies, you can differentiate your business and attract guests to your park year-round.

Innovative Attractions

Ensuring that franchise owners have a steady flow of repeat business and multiple revenue streams, Launch Entertainment is the perfect full-service entertainment destination with a wide array of attractions for all ages.

As technology continues to evolve, Launch is at the forefront with Virtual Reality, one of the biggest trends of 2024. Our Omniverse VP Arena has been a key feature in new and existing locations that marks a significant leap forward to the future of the entertainment industry.

Along with the classic Launch attractions such as trampoline courts, laser tag, bowling, dodgeball, and rope courses, franchisees can customize the combination of attractions within their location to best meet their market’s preferences. Not to mention the in-house Krave restaurant and Bar Hops that perfectly cater to the current eatertainment boom.

Community Engagement

Family entertainment centers offer a clean, fun, weather-proof environment for families of all ages to enjoy time together.

With weekly events and programs such as Toddler Time where children have the park to themselves and Ignite, an epic teen glow party, Launch becomes a part of the community’s schedule. By becoming an integral part of the community, franchisees can create a sense of loyalty and support amongst guests.

In addition to engaging within the community, Launch locations make the perfect host of birthday parties, corporate outings, summer camps, and more, which are additional revenue streams.

Valuing Diverse Investors

Launch Entertainment thrives on valuing business experience diversity. By embracing your unique background with unique expertise and experiences, you can create a more dynamic and innovative business. From childcare professionals to restaurant industry experts and real estate specialists, franchisees bring distinctive skills and perspectives to the table, enhancing the quality and scalability of each location.

Robust Marketing Strategies

Launch Entertainment’s franchisee support extends to its proven marketing tactics. We’ve created a range of marketing initiatives to assist our franchisees from opening to ongoing marketing endeavors. These established marketing methods include our internal marketing team’s management of each location’s paid advertising, promotions, lead generation, content organization, and more, all to optimize our franchisees’ return on investment.

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What Draws Entrepreneurs from Every Background to Launch Entertainment?

Forget the misconception that you need a background in family entertainment to own a family entertainment franchise. Launch Entertainment proves otherwise, building a network of seasoned operators who bring multi-faceted expertise from across multiple industries to the table.

Embracing Business Experience Diversity

Launch Entertainment elevates the quality of each location through the variety in franchisees’ backgrounds, contributing their unique talents and experiences. From real estate to retail, insurance to hospitality, and beyond, the Launch Entertainment franchise opportunity pairs well with growth-focused operators looking to diversify their portfolio with a multi-revenue stream, scalable concept.

Here are a few backgrounds you might not expect to find in a family entertainment franchisee:

Launch Entertainment’s range of attractions provides a strategic advantage, particularly for franchisees with diverse business experience. Combine your entrepreneurial skills with our broad appeal, and together, we’ll become your market’s go-to family entertainment destination.

The Versatility of Launch

Launching a franchise with us means stepping into a world of endless possibilities. Our family entertainment centers offer a dynamic mix of attractions, including arcade games, trampoline parks, basketball courts, and more—all customizable to best fit each franchisee’s target customer.

With support from Launch Entertainment’s corporate team, which includes comprehensive training and assistance with site selection, you’ll have the tools you need to hit the ground running. Plus, all attractions and equipment are manufactured in-house, lowering buildout costs and trimming turnaround times for production.

The Cultural Appeal of Entertainment Centers

It is no wonder that the family entertainment industry is set to surge through 2026. In today’s fast-paced world, people are seeking more experiences to enjoy and spend their time on, with a variety of options to entertain them all day. An entertainment center must appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds to keep guests coming back year-round. Launch’s full-service entertainment model is designed to cater to every guests’ interest with a vibrant variety of attractions for kids and adults of all ages, ensuring no family member is left out.

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Step into the Future of Family Entertainment Franchising with an Industry Trendsetter

The family entertainment franchise landscape is undergoing a surge in demand, marked by immersive experiences and emerging technologies. Recent data forecasts a remarkable uptick in family entertainment centers. As Launch enters its first full year under the dynamic leadership of CEO Craig Erlich and COO Yvette Martinez, the brand is geared up for groundbreaking achievements, including the recent opening of its corporate location in Dearborn, MI, and the debuts of the first parks in Arizona, Colorado, California, and Texas. 

Positioned at the forefront of the industry’s dynamic evolution, Launch Entertainment is leading the charge in transforming family entertainment by leveraging a perfect blend of strategic new market entries, the expertise of its hand-picked executive team, and two of the year’s biggest trends to watch. 

Setting a New Standard

As technology continues to shape the landscape of the family entertainment industry, Launch Entertainment is embracing the future with a pioneering spirit. Virtual Reality is one of the hottest trends in 2024, and it takes center stage in Launch’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge experiences. With the addition of Launch’s Omniverse VR Arena to new and existing parks, we transport guests into a lifelike world on treadmills that allow them to walk, run, and rotate in 360 degrees as they explore a virtual world of gaming and immersive experiences. 

Likewise, Launch Entertainment’s premium Krave restaurant and bar allow franchise owners to capitalize on the eatertainment revolution, a recent phenomenon that’s redefining the relationship between dining and entertainment. Statistics speak volumes — interest in eatertainment concepts has grown since the second half of 2022, outpacing other segments in foot traffic. Visits to eatertainment venues in January 2023 alone were up by more than 20%, while other segments struggled to achieve 5% growth.

With a strategic focus on expanding its footprint and enhancing the overall guest experience, Launch Entertainment is your pathway to success in a booming industry, backed by a proven business model, world-class support, and a commitment to staying ahead of the curve.

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Charting a Course for 2024: Launch Entertainment’s Vision for Growth

What an extraordinary journey it has been for Launch Entertainment in 2023, reaching our 10th anniversary of franchising last June. As we reflect on the past year, we eagerly anticipate what lies ahead in 2024 with a vision that promises transformative growth and exciting developments.

A key highlight of 2023 was the strategic reinforcement of our leadership team with the additions of CEO Craig Erlich and COO Yvette Martinez. Their wealth of experience and innovative thinking positions Launch for a new phase of expansion and innovation as we transition into 2024, and their leadership will play a pivotal role in shaping the brand’s trajectory.

Throughout 2023, Launch Entertainment experienced a steady influx of signed agreements, solidifying our presence in the family entertainment sector. The year-end results were nothing short of impressive, with 11 signed agreements. This achievement sets the stage for a robust 2024 as we continue to expand our footprint and bring the Launch experience to new communities.

2024 holds promise as we strategically enter new markets, with the spotlight on our recently opened corporate location in Dearborn, MI adding another dimension to Launch’s nationwide presence. Additionally, Launch Entertainment is gearing up for the debut of the first parks in Arizona, Colorado, California, and Texas. These ventures align with our commitment to providing quality family entertainment experiences in diverse communities.

As we anticipate the future, we recognize the immense value of the family entertainment industry, which is projected to reach nearly $70 billion by 2030. Backed by multifaceted revenue streams and a world-class corporate team, Launch Entertainment is well-positioned for an exciting and successful journey in the years to come.

Buckle up for a stellar year as we launch into new territories and reach even greater heights in 2024!
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More Than a Trampoline Park: Launch Entertainment Differentiators

As a leading family entertainment concept since 2012, Launch Entertainment has come a long way from its early beginnings as a trampoline park and arcade. The brand has evolved into a full-service entertainment destination that goes above and beyond to cater to a diverse audience. Below is a closer look at what makes Launch stand out among the crowd.

An Experience for Every Family Member

We carefully design each Launch park to cater to everyone, from thrill-seekers to the young at heart. Guests have access to premium food and beverage services at our in-house Krave restaurant and Bar Hops, which keeps adults happy while kids play. Whether it’s the exhilaration of trampoline courts, the thrill of ninja courses, conquering rock walls, engaging in laser tag battles, bowling, or more, Launch is a year-round family entertainment center that ensures no family member is left out. 

A Dynamic Evolution of Parks

As consumer trends have changed, Launch has quickly recognized the demand for more entertainment options. From virtual reality experiences to augmented reality games, technology has become an essential part of the entertainment park experience and a crucial contributor to Launch’s unique business model. 

With 28 locations spanning 14 states and counting, Launch brings its extraordinary offerings to communities far and wide. Affordable price points and a range of activities appeal to an extensive customer base across demographics including income levels, gender, age, and geography.

World-Class Support 

Silver Oak Services Partners acquired a majority stake of Launch in 2020 to lay the foundation for its wide-scale development plans. Since then, the brand has bolstered its C-suite and support team with strategic hires, including the recent additions of Craig Erlich as Chief Executive Officer and Yvette Martinez as Chief Operating Officer. 

Under Craig and Yvette’s leadership, Launch Entertainment will explore new avenues for growth, uphold safety and brand standards, and solidify Launch Entertainment’s position as an innovative leader in the family entertainment industry.

Unique and Unforgettable

What ultimately makes Launch Entertainment stand out is its ability to create unique and unforgettable memories. Launch’s diverse attractions create a win-win scenario for our guests and franchisees. Launch is an ideal place for kids and adults alike to participate in active entertainment, driving repeat business for franchise owners. And, because Launch manufactures all of its equipment and attractions, franchisees won’t break the bank on equipment costs.

With a commitment to inclusivity and adaptability, Launch Entertainment is continually raising the bar for what family entertainment can be. Ready to launch? To learn more about franchise opportunities and open territories, fill out our inquiry form, and our team will reach out.