More Than a Trampoline Park: Launch Entertainment Differentiators

As a leading family entertainment concept since 2012, Launch Entertainment has come a long way from its early beginnings as a trampoline park and arcade. The brand has evolved into a full-service entertainment destination that goes above and beyond to cater to a diverse audience. Below is a closer look at what makes Launch stand out among the crowd.

An Experience for Every Family Member

We carefully design each Launch park to cater to everyone, from thrill-seekers to the young at heart. Guests have access to premium food and beverage services at our in-house Krave restaurant and Bar Hops, which keeps adults happy while kids play. Whether it’s the exhilaration of trampoline courts, the thrill of ninja courses, conquering rock walls, engaging in laser tag battles, bowling, or more, Launch is a year-round family entertainment center that ensures no family member is left out. 

A Dynamic Evolution of Parks

As consumer trends have changed, Launch has quickly recognized the demand for more entertainment options. From virtual reality experiences to augmented reality games, technology has become an essential part of the entertainment park experience and a crucial contributor to Launch’s unique business model. 

With 28 locations spanning 14 states and counting, Launch brings its extraordinary offerings to communities far and wide. Affordable price points and a range of activities appeal to an extensive customer base across demographics including income levels, gender, age, and geography.

World-Class Support 

Silver Oak Services Partners acquired a majority stake of Launch in 2020 to lay the foundation for its wide-scale development plans. Since then, the brand has bolstered its C-suite and support team with strategic hires, including the recent additions of Craig Erlich as Chief Executive Officer and Yvette Martinez as Chief Operating Officer. 

Under Craig and Yvette’s leadership, Launch Entertainment will explore new avenues for growth, uphold safety and brand standards, and solidify Launch Entertainment’s position as an innovative leader in the family entertainment industry.

Unique and Unforgettable

What ultimately makes Launch Entertainment stand out is its ability to create unique and unforgettable memories. Launch’s diverse attractions create a win-win scenario for our guests and franchisees. Launch is an ideal place for kids and adults alike to participate in active entertainment, driving repeat business for franchise owners. And, because Launch manufactures all of its equipment and attractions, franchisees won’t break the bank on equipment costs.

With a commitment to inclusivity and adaptability, Launch Entertainment is continually raising the bar for what family entertainment can be. Ready to launch? To learn more about franchise opportunities and open territories, fill out our inquiry form, and our team will reach out.

Launch Entertainment Locks in New Location in North Attleboro

Multi-Unit Franchisee Secures Site for Seventh Park in Massachusetts


NORTH ATTLEBORO, Mass. Launch Entertainment (Launch), an indoor family entertainment franchise, secured a site for a new park in Massachusetts —

The leading entertainment franchise, known for its variety of awesome attractions for the whole family, recently signed a lease for a new location in North Attleboro. This will mark Launch’s seventh location in Massachusetts, further establishing the brand’s growth in the East Coast. Launch Entertainment of North Attleboro will be located at 1255 South Washington Street and will feature attractions such as indoor trampolines, bowling, a ninja course, mini golf, a virtual reality center, and Krave Restaurant & Bar Hops. This location comes as a part of a recent signed agreement with multi-unit Launch franchisee, Ryan Debin, who owns four other locations in Massachusetts.

“Since I became a Launch franchisee in 2018, the concept has evolved to lead the industry with its attraction mix and diverse revenue streams for operators,” said Debin. “It’s no longer just a trampoline park, and continues to bring in modern attractions for the consumer like VR, laser tag and a Ninja Fun Course to keep on the cutting age of the entertainment space. With each new location, we’re not just creating entertainment destinations, we’re crafting communities of fun and excitement for all ages.”

Debin, the CEO of Momentum Enterprises, operates 24 businesses across New England and New York. Beyond Launch, Debin owns franchise locations of My Gym Children’s Fitness Center, and Club Elevate. Momentum Enterprises has made its mark as the largest owner of My Gym Children’s Fitness Centers nationwide, with 11 locations and was rewarded twice as franchisee of the year worldwide. Additionally, the group is the largest operator for Launch, with existing parks located in Norwood, Framingham, Woburn and Westborough.

“Ryan’s remarkable success in managing multiple units with the brand and ability to create thriving family-friendly experiences is truly inspiring. It’s an honor to have him in our system as a dedicated franchisee as we continue to expand and redefine the world of family entertainment,” said Jeff Todd, SVP of Business Development at Launch Entertainment. “We are actively seeking seasoned operators, like Ryan, to fuel our growth in several states across the nation and we are confident he will bring an incredible family-friendly experience to the community of North Attleboro.” 

The Launch Entertainment business model offers a scalable, multi-unit opportunity and creates a fun, dynamic, and competitive environment that drives growth and profitability for its franchise operators. Through its multiple revenue streams, the concept entices customers of all ages with a thrilling experience and a variety of attractions and amenities that keep guests coming back year-round, and increases returns for franchisees.

Target markets for growth include new and existing markets around the Midwest, Northeast and Southwest, with a current emphasis on Georgia, Texas, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Connecticut, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Alabama, New Jersey, Kansas and Missouri. The brand is seeking franchise partnerships with investors wanting to diversify their portfolio through its multi-revenue stream business model. Potential franchisees are higher net-worth individuals, with $1M liquid and $2M net worth.

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About Launch Entertainment 

Launch Entertainment is the leader in the indoor family entertainment segment. Founded in 2012, the concept has evolved from a trampoline park and small arcade to the ultimate family destination: a full family entertainment center offering a variety of “Awesome” attractions, premium bar, and restaurant. The brand currently has 28 locations across 14 states, with several new locations in development. Backed by an experienced leadership team and a private equity deal with Silver Oak Services Partners, Launch Entertainment has initiated a full-scale franchise development plan. 

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Q&A: How Launch Utilizes Second-Gen Real Estate

As a forward-thinking brand, Launch Entertainment’s strategic and sustainable decision to repurpose existing commercial spaces for our franchise locations continues to set us apart as an innovative leader in the family entertainment industry. 

Hear from John Day, a member of our experienced real estate team, on why Launch Entertainment chooses this approach and how it provides a win-win situation for both the company and its franchisees in the exclusive Q&A below: 

What is tenant improvement, and how will Launch help me negotiate? 

JD: Tenant improvement is an agreement between Launch and the landlord concerning the space we rent meeting the standards to start moving in equipment, or the landlord will compensate the tenant for any improvements needed. 

Our experienced real estate team will be with you every step of the way, from tours to signing, helping you negotiate tenant improvement. 

What is the ‘Amazon Effect?’

JD: The ‘Amazon Effect’ has led to the shutdown of many stores, but experiential entertainment, like we’ve built at Launch, is something families can’t recreate online. Plus, customers are willing to travel twice the distance to visit entertainment concepts compared to standard retail locations. With Launch, your business is Amazon-proof. 

Will I be able to secure a location for my Launch? It seems like a lot of big box retailers are closing. 

JD: Though the closing of some big box companies might lead you to believe this isn’t the best time to invest in Launch-sized real estate, the second-generation real estate market is hot right now! Landlords love the Launch name and its “eatertainment” value—our team can even help you compete for the right space for your Launch. 

How much of the real estate negotiations will I be involved in?  

JD: Though Launch handles negotiations between landlords and franchisees, we review everything with our franchise partners. We guide each franchisee from the bottom to the top of the mountain and provide them with all the tools they need to get their Launch up and running. 

Launch Entertainment’s strategic use of second-generation real estate demonstrates our innovative thinking, adaptability, and dedication to creating a streamlined and efficient franchise development process. Join our thriving franchise network and capitalize on the growing demand for family-oriented entertainment! 

About John Day 

John began his real estate career in 2007. Before joining Venture, his real estate career took him all over the country. John started his career with Judge Fite Commercial, working Landlord and Tenant representation and land sales. In 2011, John switched sides of the business after being recruited by Spirit Halloween as the Senior Manager of Real Estate. John also spent time in-house as the Director of Real Estate at Tuesday Morning.

In 2017, John returned to brokerage with The Weitzman Group as Vice President of Portfolio Leasing, responsible for overseeing the leasing team for the JV Portfolio, formerly Cencor. John then took a master broker role representing Altitude Trampoline Park nationally. He played an integral role in the national placement strategy and site selection process for the franchisees, identifying over 500 big box locations throughout the country. John has seen almost every big box vacancy in the country—a fact that he is not sure if he is supposed to be proud of or slightly embarrassed.

Balancing Rapid Growth with Franchisee Satisfaction


In the fast-paced world of family entertainment, Launch is making waves with our rapid growth and evolution. From our humble beginnings in Rhode Island to a thriving franchise network, Launch has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of franchisee support and satisfaction. By leveraging our innovative concepts, dynamic marketing strategies, and strong operational infrastructure, Launch continues to captivate audiences and propel franchise growth while keeping each franchisee’s success at the heart of our expansion efforts.

Franchisees are the backbone of any franchise network, and their satisfaction is crucial for the long-term success of the company. To ensure franchisee satisfaction, Launch maintains a strong and transparent line of communication with our franchisees. This open dialogue fosters a sense of partnership and creates a space to address our plans for growth, market strategies, and any new brand initiatives. 

Additionally, Launch Entertainment provides comprehensive training and ongoing support to our franchise owners. From the initial onboarding process to continuous coaching and mentoring, Launch invests in the success of our operators—just like they’ve invested in our brand. By equipping them with the necessary tools, knowledge, and resources, Launch Entertainment provides our franchisees with the skills to deliver exceptional customer experiences and manage their operations effectively.

Launch manufactures our trampoline equipment and attractions, giving us flexibility with park layout and attraction creation. However, franchisees are provided with detailed brand guidelines and operational manuals, ensuring that the Launch Entertainment experience is consistent from one location to another, while still providing the opportunity for park customization to bring the perfect attraction mix to that specific market. 

One of the key factors that contribute to Launch Entertainment’s success is our ability to adapt and expand quickly without losing sight of individual franchisees’ success. This rapid growth has allowed Launch Entertainment to establish our brand as a market leader, attracting investors and franchisees looking to tap into the entertainment industry. 

By prioritizing the needs of franchisees, providing comprehensive support, maintaining clear communication, and implementing a strategic approach to growth, Launch Entertainment ensures that our franchise network remains engaged, motivated, and satisfied with their investment. As we continue to expand our footprint, Launch sets a prime example of how rapid growth and franchisee satisfaction can go hand in hand, ensuring a bright future for the company and its franchisees.

The Rise of Tech-Based Attractions


Technology has revolutionized the entertainment industry, and nowhere is this more apparent than in entertainment parks and attractions like those at Launch Entertainment.

In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the number of tech-based attractions at entertainment parks, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. From virtual reality experiences to augmented reality games, technology has become an essential part of the entertainment park experience and a major contributor to the Launch’s unique, lucrative business model.

Immersive Experiences Drive Traffic and Renewed Growth

One of the benefits of tech-based attractions is that they can be easily updated and modified. With traditional games and attractions, it can be difficult and expensive to make changes or updates. However, with tech-based attractions, updates can be made remotely, and new experiences can be created quickly and efficiently. This allows entertainment parks to keep their offerings fresh and exciting for returning guests, while being efficient for operators to keep their parks on the cutting edge.

Plus, tech-based attractions offer an opportunity for parks to collect data on their guests. By tracking guest behavior and preferences, parks can tailor their offerings to meet the needs and desires of their guests. This data can also be used to improve the guest experience and increase guest satisfaction. 

How Launch Stands out in Themed Entertainment

One of today’s most popular tech-based attractions is virtual reality, and with the advent of affordable VR headsets, entertainment centers have been able to offer immersive, interactive experiences that transport guests to new worlds.

At Launch Entertainment, we’re constantly innovating to meet consumer demand. With the addition of Launch’s Omniverse VR Arena to new and existing parks, guests are transported into a lifelike world on omnidirectional treadmills that allow them to walk, run, and rotate in 360 degrees as they explore.

It’s innovations like this that accentuate Launch Entertainment’s differentiators above and beyond any competitor comparison. Aside from our giant trampolines and VR immersions, each Launch is a year-round family entertainment center featuring ninja style obstacle courses, climbing walls, laser tag, battle pit, bowling, and more.

Launch’s diverse range of attractions creates a win-win scenario for our guests and franchisees. Our attractions are an ideal place for kids and adults alike to participate in active entertainment, driving repeat business for franchise owners. And, because Launch manufactures all of its own trampoline equipment and attractions, franchisees won’t be breaking the bank on equipment costs.

Guests are always searching for the newest, best experiences — as the world of new technologies evolves, Launch takes no shortcuts in innovating new resources and attractions to differentiate our concept from the competition.

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Capitalize on Semi Absentee Franchising: Diversify Without the Time Commitment

What do a real estate investor, self-made entrepreneur and multi-unit investment group all have in common? More than enough passion and not enough time. The solution for this is semi-absentee franchise ownership. 

Semi-absentee franchising opens up the opportunity to build a successful future with diversified investments. Here’s how to succeed as a semi-absentee franchise owner:

How do you succeed as a semi-absentee franchise owner?

Semi-absentee franchising typically allows the owner to enlist a manager to run the day-to-day operations onsite. Typically, semi-absentee franchise owners spend 10-15 hours a week working on the business. This lower time commitment offers unique flexibility, meaning owners can continue working a full-time job or diversify with other business investments.

This type of ownership works best for someone who can delegate and release control of the daily operations to their chosen manager. Selecting and training a manager that you can trust is key to success. 

Let Your Portfolio Soar with a Launch Entertainment Franchise

At Launch Entertainment, our semi-absentee model means that franchisees can also focus on other projects or business ventures and while their Launch Park essentially runs itself. As an operator, you hire a general manager, assistant manager and sales manager to run the day-to-day procedures and ensure the business runs effectively.

Our state-of-the-art technology allows owners to access park sales and data remotely as well as our camera system. We also have a centralized call center to handle all inquiries and party bookings while our in-house marketing team plans and executes all marketing activities.

Many of our most successful Launch Entertainment operators are seasoned business executives and own several other businesses in their market. Like Arvish and Pinkal Patel, who have an extensive entrepreneurial background with several childcare franchises and other retail and convenience store businesses. Their skillset pairs well with Launch Entertainment ownership.

“We’ve owned and operated several concepts in the childcare and retail space, and when we started looking for our next business venture, Launch Entertainment stood out given its impressive model and diverse attraction mix,” said Patel. “With the support from the Launch corporate team, we are thrilled to be bringing Launch Entertainment to the communities that we’ve been serving for many years, and being able to offer a new full-service family entertainment concept to Edison.”

Let your portfolio soar with semi-absentee franchising. To learn more about multi-unit opportunities and open territories, fill out our inquiry form, and our team will be in touch.